News Item: Kennebec mural gets a make-over
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Posted by Lucy
Wednesday July 31, 2019

Kennebec mural gets a make-over 
 After years of weather the Main Street mural painted by Pat Halverson (second from the right) in 2005 for the town’s centennial celebration was in need of a fresh coat of paint. Pat’s daughters, l-r; Nicole, Holly, Darcy, and daughter-in-law Deb Halverson recently volunteered their time, talent and paint to help Pat design and paint a new KENNEBEC mural. The mural located on the north side of the brick building next to Quillin Park features a tree with the hand prints of people in the community. The Halverson women also repainted the park sign. Stop in and view the colorful mural, hand prints and new park equipment.

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