NewsJuly 11 2012

Local firemen fight Black Hills fire

Posted by Lucy

      Members of the Kennebec Volunteer Fire Department traveled to the Black Hills to help fight the White Draw , located northeast of Edgemont. The fire burned around 9,000 acres and was finally contained Friday, July 6.

      Chaz Bowar and Jake Longville were on site when they were demobilized and released Friday.

      The Kennebec Fire Department has a contract with the South Dakota Department of Ag,  Wildland Suppression Division to assist with fires within the state.  They also have an agreement to help on the National Grasslands.  The fire department receives financial compensation for fighting fires which has helped the Kennebec firemen pay for their firehall.

      According to fire chief Don Manger, when dispatched the department sends a unit, which includes two firemen and a vehicle, to the assigned fire for a minimum of 14 days. 

      "Everybody has a job so we split the time up between firemen," said Manger.  Steve Manger and  Chaz Bowar were the first firemen to volunteer to go, followed by Chad Urban and Rod Bowar. 

      The firemen have to be certified in wildland fire suppression and hold a red card to prove they passed the physical fitness test to maintain their contract with the state.

      Four members of the North Carolina Air National Guard died in the crash of a C-130 plane Sunday,, July 1  that was assisting with the White Draw fire.

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