June 29 2011

Volmer partners with Moore in Chamberlain Sale Barn

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Volmer partners with Moore in Chamberlain Sale Barn


The Chamberlain Livestock Auction will have a new business partner effective July 1 as Rod and Balinda Schmiedt sold their half interest in the sale barn to Frank Volmer of Winner Livestock. Volmer and current sale barn partner Wesley Moore of Kennebec will continue operating the business as Chamberlain Auction Sales, L.L.C. No immediate changes in operation are planned. During all regular Saturday sales sheep and goats will sell at 9 AM, weigh-ups at 10:30 AM, and feeders, if there are any, will sell at noon with the balance of weigh-ups to follow. Moore, who purchased an interest in the business in 2008 and has been partners with the Schmiedts for the past three years, will be a field market representative and handle outside duties including the yards.Volmer will oversee the duties inside the barn from the office to the sale ring. “I’ll be at every sale,” said Volmer. Volmer will computerize the office and sale ring.

It’s a fair sized investment,” said Volmer. “But, I wouldn’t operate without it.” A computerized system will tie the scale in the ring, the auctioneer’s block and the office together. Volmer said it will make the process of selling and receiving payment quicker and more efficient, “You can get up, walk to the office and get your check right after your livestock sell.” The office, restrooms and cafe will be refurbished. Current auctioneers Eric Nowotny and Skylar Urban will continue to sell at the barn and Vernal Qualm will also be a part-time market representative. Volmer’s son-in-law and partner at Winner Livestock, Cody Moore is an auctioneer, and will assist when needed for special sales. The cafe will remain under operation by Gerald and Adella Mohr.

Come out and eat, they put out a great meal on Saturday,” said Frank.Moore looks forward to working with Volmer.

Frank brings a lifetime of business experience and auction knowledge to the Chamberlain Sale Barn,” said Moore. “He has a positive community attitude.” Volmer has already joined the Chamberlain Chamber Association. Much of Volmer’s life has been spent working around an auction barn. According to Frank, he was about eight years old when he started helping at his father Delmer’s sale barn. He was a partner in the Presho Sale Barn for five year and has owned Winner Livestock for the past five years.When asked why he bought into another business at a time in life when many start thinking about retirement, Volmer replied, “I’m not ready to slow down.” Volmer considers his move into a new area a challenge.

Chamberlain is a good fit. It’s out of my trade area but still close,” said Volmer. “The local buyer demand is good,” Volmer added. “The community supports it well. And, we (Chamberlain Livestock Auction) want to be part of the community,” said Frank.

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