November 08 2005

[b]Lyman School emphasizes Six Pillars of Good Character[/b]

Posted by Nicole
by Nicole Choal

Since the mid 1990s the Lyman school district has been promoting the Character Counts program in the elementary and middle school. The program, which is endorsed by the SDSU Cooperative and the 4-H program, emphasizes pillars of character which include: respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

Betty Jean Mertens, Title I Director, and Julie Muirhead, Kennebec counselor, work together to plan activities to stress the Character Counts pillars. Julie Muirehad, in Kennebec, and Preshos counselor, Mark Dunn, go into the elementary classrooms and talk to the students about the pillars of character.

This year each elementary teacher picked a sport to use in their class room, and are responsible for finding a person active in that sport who will come and give a speech to the elementary students about their sport and a pillar of character. Quinton Garnos came to the Presho elementary to talk about being a referee and sportsmanship. Race car driver Brandon Myer from Pukwana drove his car to the Kennebec elementary, and also spoke on sportsmanship. Mark Ohm was recently at the Kennebec elementary emphasizing the importance of trustworthiness and how it relates to his job as a game warden. Last Friday Krista Authier spoke to the Presho elementary about respect and her experiences as a basket ball player at the high school and college levels.

In the future, Beaver Scott, rodeo clown will tell the students how responsibility effects his profession and how it is important in day to day life. A wrestler will emphasize the importance of being fair and how it affects his sport. It is important for the kids to see real people using those pillars and how they effect their professions and lives, said Betty Jean Mertens.

November 08 2005


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Betty Mathison Gabbard, 65

Funeral services for Betty Mathison Gabbard, 65, of Norwalk, CA formerly of Kennebec, will be Wednesday, November 9, 2005 at 2:00 PM at the United Methodist Church in Kennebec, SD with burial in the Kennebec Cemetery at Kennebec. There will be visitation on Tuesday, November 8th from 5 to 8 PM at the United Methodist Church in Kennebec with a prayer service at 7:00 PM.

November 01 2005

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Approaching Presho from the west the new lights are positioned along the edge of Hwy 248. The original street lights are visible on the far left.

November 01 2005

[b]Lights installed along highway through Presho[/b]

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by Lucy Halverson

The installation of new streetlights through Presho has been completed. Logan Electric of Gettysburg finished the $ 125,327 South Dakota Department of Transportation project this past week.
Thirty-one 40 foot poles were erected from I-90 exit 226 on the east side of Presho to I-90 exit 225 on the west side of town.

Its impressive to see the lights at night. I think the lights at the intersection of US 183 and Hwy 248 east of town will add to the safety of area residents. They (lights) will make our town more inviting, especially now with the end of Daylight Saving time, said city councilwoman Angela Ehlers.

The majority of the cost associated with the DOT project was funded by the State, while the city of Presho picked up about 18% of the cost, which is expected to be around $ 22,500. The city will own the new lighting system and be responsible for future maintenance and the monthly operational costs of the lights. The monthly cost of streetlights is determined by the wattage of the light. The city pays a set amount per streetlight per month to West Central Electric. The lights range from $ 7 to $ 13 per light per month. The citys monthly light bill for the number of current streetlights is around $ 945 per month. In addition the city also pays $ 206 per month for the overhead lights that were installed a few years ago on I-90 near exit 225 and 226.

According to Preshos Mayor Carl Brakke the council will consider removing some of the old streetlights along the highway now that the new lights have been installed. When we get done looking at the situation, we may end up with a just a few more lights than we had before, said Brakke. The city will work with West Central Electric, who owns some of the current streetlights in town, in determining if certain streetlights can be removed. The lights might be removed but the poles will remain. Numerous poles located along the highway carry some sort of transmission lines in addition to street lights, said Ehler
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